Connect2Health is an AmeriCorps Designated Program.  For the 2018-2019 Grant Year, Connect2Health has been awarded 15 spots for AmeriCorps Members.

What is AmeriCorps?

AmeriCorps is a corporation for national and community service. AmeriCorps is a national network of hundreds of programs throughout the U.S. Connect2Health is a part of the State and National branch and is housed in the Utah Campus Compact.  Check out their website here:

Is AmeriCorps like Peace Corps?

Yes. AmeriCorps is often referred to as “the domestic Peace Corps.” Both agencies are committed to service, and both offer challenging and rewarding   opportunities. Peace Corps assignments are all overseas, and AmeriCorps members serve only in the US.

What is the benefit of becoming an AmeriCorps Member with Connect2Health?

AmeriCorps programs do more than move communities forward; AmeriCorps Members help communities tackle pressing problems through service and mobilization. Serving as an AmeriCorps Member with Connect2Health places you in an intensive service position where you can learn valuable professional skills, earn money for education, develop an appreciation for citizenship, and have a lasting impact on the patients and clinics you serve.

Do I get paid as an AmeriCorps Member?

You do not get paid, but you do receive an Education Award. The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award is a post-service benefit received by participants who complete a term of service with an approved AmeriCorps program like Connect2Health. C2H AmeriCorps Members serve 300 hours in 12 months, and at the completion of their service receive $1230.69.  The education award may then be used to pay current education expenses, repay eligible student loans, or saved up to seven years for future education expenses.

How is becoming an AmeriCorps Health Mentor with Connect2Health different than becoming a General Health Mentor?

Both General and AmeriCorps Health Mentors work in clinics to help connect patients to community resources. However, AmeriCorps Members give a higher level of commitment to Connect2Health. They serve either 300 hours in one year.  This averages out to 6 hours/week. Whereas, general Health Mentors commit to serve one 3 hour shift/week for two consecutive semesters.

AmeriCorps Members may complete up to 20% their hours in the form of ‘Member Development Hours’ which they do in weekly Reflection Sessions where they work with fellow members, hear from guest speakers, and engage in professional development workshops. Whereas general Health Mentors attend a Reflection Session every other week with the whole team to complete training and team building. Though not required to attend, General Health Mentors are always invited to join the weekly AmeriCorps Reflection Session.

How do I become a Connect2Health AmeriCorps Member?

Connect2Health has been allotted 15 spots for the 2018-19 Grant Year.  Please indicate interest in AmeriCorps on the volunteer application.  Only US Citizens may enroll with AmeriCorps. Spots are first come, first served. If we fill all of our AmeriCorps spots, you are encouraged to volunteer with Connect2Health as a General Health Mentor because continuing volunteers will receive priority for future AmeriCorps spots.