Connect2Health is now hiring for the following position:

  1. AmeriCorps Site Supervisor and Campus Manager


This is a work-study position. To apply follow this link.

Application will be available until position has been filled.

Job Summary: 

This position is responsible for the oversight and administration of AmeriCorps members and accompanying paperwork/reporting within Connect2Health. Position is also responsible for providing general administrative support to Connect2Health leadership.


10-15 hours a week


Provide Administrative Support to Connect2Health Leadership Including:

  • Bi-weekly Meetings for Special Projects, and Leadership Coordination
  • Weekly Site Visits
  • Community Organization Outreach (Supervising Chairs)
  • Volunteer Recruitment/Training/Evaluation

Assist in the coordination and oversight of AmeriCorps program components including:

  • AmeriCorps Member Interviews
  • AmeriCorps Site-orientations, Weekly Site Visits, Campus Compact Visits
  • AmeriCorps Member Training
  • Coordinating AmeriCorps Reflection Sessions
  • AmeriCorps Member Monthly Audits/ Evaluations
  • Preparation of Reports/Paperwork/Applications to AmeriCorps Campus Compact

Minimum Qualifications:

This job posting is only available to University of Utah students who have been awarded a Federal Work-Study Award for the current year. Please login to CIS and go to the Finance/Financial Aid section to view your Financial Aid Status. If you have not received a Federal Work-Study Award, then do not complete and submit this application. Before hire, this employer will confirm receipt of a Federal Work-Study Award for current year.

Experience and Skills:

  • Administrative support experience
  • Effective and professional communication (written & verbal)
  • Self motivated and independent
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Attention to detail and excellent craft
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team