What We Do

Health Mentor Role

Health mentors volunteer with Connect2Health for two consecutive semesters.  Health Mentors serve one 3-4 hour shift in the clinic each week and attend a 1 hour reflection session with their fellow volunteers every other week.  During a shift, Health Mentors are responsible for working one-on-one with patients, updating the Connect2Health Resource Database, and working collaboratively with the patient care team to address patient and clinic needs. Each patient interaction is unique.  Health Mentors work creatively to create a resource prescription to help connect patients with housing, food, clothing, prescription assistance, and many other resources across the Salt Lake Valley.

AmeriCorps Health Mentor Role

AmeriCorps Members give a higher level of commitment to Connect2Health.  AmeriCorps Members serve either 300,  hours in a year, which is roughly 6 hours a week.  At the completion of their service, AmeriCorps Members receive an Education Award in the amount of $1230.69 that can be used on education expenses. AmeriCorps Health Mentors complete the same basic duties as general Health Mentors, but will serve more time in the clinic, and meet weekly in Member Development Reflection Sessions.