Spark Labs

Spark Labs are dedicated design thinking studios that bring together super talented individuals to solve really difficult challenges in a variety of areas.

We go all the way from initial need assessments to implemented solutions. Along the way we investigate which questions to ask, what the stakeholders want, how to cast a wide net, understand constraints and how to make an impact with real solutions.

Come join our team of silo breakers to really ignite change.

Featured Lab

U of U / Health Care Innovation Lab

U of U / Health Care Innovation Lab

The innovation lab coordinates, connects and educates, to amplify existing resources and advance products, services, processes and education relating to providing an exceptional patient experience.

Lab teams are built from an interdisciplinary undergraduate student base. They are guided by graduate fellows and a director. Typical labs last between three and nine months depending on the scale of the problem the lab is working on.

For more information about this lab, contact Jim Agutter at

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